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From mid-June until the first of August, a daily trip is made to Seal Island on Sea Watch Tours to see the colourful and comical Puffin. Seal Island is protected and watched over very carefully! Only fifteen people of the twenty five aboard 'Day's Catch' are allowed on the Island each day. A large variety of other birds as well as a seal colony are a common sight on these excursions.

July, August and September are the whale-watching months. Tours run from half to full days on the water, watching these majestic animals. Most tours offer a "money back" guarantee if no whales are sighted. For more information about whales and other things of interest
If you're travelling with the children, perhaps you would enjoy some time alone. The Grand Manan offers day camps throughout the summer. They also have a fully equipped Fitness Center, basketball courts and a playground.

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